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...underserved youth to participate in politics, engage their communities, and become public administrators that will transform their communities through public policy!  By leveraging technology and human resources, we empower urban youth to become active participants in their communities by training them in leadership, community organizing, strategic communication, policy research and writing, legislative analytics, voter registration, and parliamentary procedure.


Youth civic participation is at an all-time low, particularly within areas, which the demographic profile consists of, low-income-people-of-color (Oakland, CA).  In the most recent midterm elections (2014), only 17% of the voting eligible population (VEP) between 18 and 30 years old participated with only 3-4% of participants being residents of low-income communities of color; this trend will continue to be an impediment to access and opportunity. In other words, the socio-economic inequality gap will continue to widen and as a result, there will be fewer opportunities for those who need them most.

Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation is a chapter of The National Alliance of African American Athletes (NAAAA). NAAAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and serves as the fiscal agency for the Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation.

Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation was created to provide enrichment programs for youth.

The ACES Foundation Mission: To support youth through emphasizing self Accountability, taking pride in our Community, striving for Educational excellence while promoting a healthy mind and body through Sports. 


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