Aces Foundation Programs


ACES Foundation Programs

Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation will give back to the community in Oakland, California and the Greater  Washington D.C. area by offering youth an opportunity to make their dreams come true through enrichment programs.

These programs will promote inner strength bringing awareness to the importance of self dedication, determination and discipline.

Oakland Engaged - Educational Program

Empowers underserved youth to participate in politics, engage their communities, and become public administrators that will transform their communities through public policy! By leveraging technology and human resources, we empower urban youth to become active participants in their communities by training them in leadership, community organizing, strategic communication, policy research and writing, legislative analytics, voter registration, and parliamentary procedure.


REAL TALK WORKSHOPS - Accountability Workshops

Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation will contract with professionals in different fields (Registered Nurses, Lawyers, Financial Advisors) to provide youth with information and resources to promote health prevention and good decision making. The Real Talk /Accountability Workshops will highlight the following areas:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Health Prevention
  • Peer Pressure
  • Law
  • Money Management
  • Sports Psychology
  • Approach to Life Challenges

To request “Real Talk” for your organization, contact ACES

ENRICHMENT RETREAT- discovering one's passion, & enhancing life skills

This is an opportunity to expose youth to a new and life changing experience.  The retreat will provide you from both Washington DC and the San Francisco Bay Area an opportunity to participate in college tours, outdoor activities, and an amazing cultural experience.  In addition, there will be workshops and exercises to help reinforce a positive self image, discovering one’s passion, and enhancing life skills.

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Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation is a chapter of The National Alliance of African American Athletes (NAAAA). NAAAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and serves as the fiscal agency for the Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation.

Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation was created to provide enrichment programs for youth.

The ACES Foundation Mission: To support youth through emphasizing self Accountability, taking pride in our Community, striving for Educational excellence while promoting a healthy mind and body through Sports. 


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